How to optimize Your Facebook cover photos to generate leads

How to Optimize Your Facebook Cover Photos to Generate Leads

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The presence of social media sites and the internet in general has given us a plethora of opportunities that were nonexistent just a few years ago. Have you even wondered why Television is so cheap, or why allot of well produced content on the internet is free? Well, it’s because of advertisement.

As we move more and more towards the digital age, companies realize that in order to shine the spotlight on their product or service, they have to go where the people are, in our case Facebook.

Getting the most out of your cover image

If you were to advertise something on Facebook, that place would be the Facebook cover. It literally is the biggest centerpiece on any profile. The regulations for this feature have changed over the years, and over time, most of them have been lifted. You could not do that before because any ad, display of contact info or call to action were not permitted on any timeline cover photo.

Nowadays, those restrictions have been lifted and anyone is free is advertise what they want. A common mistake that most people make is that they try to cram as much information as possible in the limited space provided by the Facebook cover photo. If you are displaying someone else’s ad no worries there, because odds are they already have a well designed banner. But if you want to display your own, it is best to keep it brief, yet meaningful. Most sites include the famous ‘’ click here to learn more’’ button. Try and go out of your way to make the link as attractive as possible. For example: many people include a brightly colored button, or an arrow. This is a good idea because if the person you are targeting is interested, he/she will click the link that will take them to a website, or a section where you can include all the details you want. Here is guide on “Getting the most out of your Fan page”.

Tips and Tricks

Try and fend off stagnation by changing the photo as often as possible. All things, especially advertisements can get a little heavy on the eyes after a while, so always aim to keep things fresh. Not to mention that after you change your photo, your followers will get an update just as if you had written something, or posted an article/ comment or video, so Facebook’s systems really work in your favor here.

For those that have a new product coming out, this is a godsend. Odds are that most of your customer and follower base will learn about the changes through the Facebook profile. This is not restricted to just new products, any type of news or event can be announced here because it is only logical that an update must be made in the place where you have the most amount of exposure.

Where to get a good Facebook cover for your business page

There are plenty of sources that can provide you with fresh new cover photos such as . If you are skilled enough, you could design them yourself, or purchase them from third party affiliates.

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